Pick up the snake

And through photographs you showed me of a time known long ago
Every nickel you would save till you could buy a little more
And I've finally come to realize that I'm just as old as you
If not older from the things I know that you've never been through
So ill kiss you on the forehead smile and cry my soul to sleep

Well I know that pain has left you but its in your shadow still
Everything you've gotten over in the dark waiting to kill
All the happiness and memories all the normal you've acquired
Distance puts out like an ocean till you don't feel so inspired
Somehow I'm the one who's crazy as we fight ourselves to sleep

Through all this assumed perfection I've forgot my favorite thing
That little gap between my teeth that let's me breathe that let's me sing
Ill accept what's right when you dispose this rule book of the world
Kissing feet has got me nowhere disappearing seems to work
So I'll throw away my laurels and just drink myself to sleep

I know its impossible
To stay away from all the troubled
I have just one last request
To find a place to shed my skin before this empty shell consumes the rest of me

Trying to get some recording done but there's never enough time. Lots of things consistently running through my head.

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