And the Villain Still Pursued Her

Lucid dreams return to me
Let me be my own tv screen
Looking on as my own god
Splitting fog to finally find my way

Living dreaming talking trees
Some things just aren't quite what they seem
My stock of love is wearing thin
I promised grim, but now I've built the way

Two ounces crept back into five
This magic spell inside my mind
If what I dream is truly fake
Why do I wake, and feel I've seen the way.

Now nothing moves with every step
A simple image of regret
I spin and there the path begins
To move again, at times behind's the way.

As cinders burn the fire swells
Piecing together my own hell
On top of sheets I sweat and wait
Is it just fate, or have I found my way.

Song that started out as a 40 second clip on a 4 track. Still haven't been able to recreate the sounds...

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