For the first time in EVER I've been featured on the interwebbings without my own promotion.

This french website puts up a monthly mixtape curated by my good friend Steph Lund.
I'm extremely happy and satisfied to finally be able to get my music out to the pseudo masses without mindless self promotion (aka myspace). Steph isn't one to put up just any music either; she's known to be quite specific about what music she will listen to and I'm honored to be the final track on a great playlist that gets 500+ downloads a month.

Find it HERE and let me know what you think.

The world falls apart as it seems to come together

The pools of dancing birds creating clouds of dusty feathers

If everything I knew at once became what I had never

I'd fill my mind with happy thoughts of cats and sunny weather

Four Seasons Reprise

I know there's trouble
Brewing outside
My open window

I know there's trouble
Brewing inside
My open mind

So will I will I pass the test
How will I finish all the rest
I've already cheated a couple times
On the most important questions

So I'll put myself in the place
Where only the smoke can escape
And climb up towards the light
To the clean air on the other side

I know that spring is
Growing outside
my open window

I know that summer's
Burning inside
My closed mind

So will I fall between your lines
Or will I hit the edge this time
Well time is running thin
And my watch is all but working

So I'll put myself in the place
Where only the light can escape
My own black hole of problems
Where did all the money and time go

I know that autumn's
Falling outside
My open window

I know that winter's
Freezing inside
my open mind

So could I ever melt the snow
That's iced over all my windows
I'm finding it hard to believe
That "things will work out eventually"

Your disease flows over me
I'm trying to see through this broken screen
What terrible things these seasons bring
Torn bone from bone
I'm better off alone.

Hopefully this will be recorded soon
a video will accompany it; already brewing in my mind.

Love always,
Garibaldi Romeo.