What a wild time.
Lots of news and lots of fun.

my new favorite hangout- Schwieger Household; nightly music hour.  Teaching is the new black.

South Dakota is for lovers.
T'aint nothin' wrong with a little bump n grind (50s train diner)

I'm still obsessed with timed photos
In order:  50's train diner, Some old trail through Wyoming

Now then; where was I....
Oh yes, I left you at 4th of July.

No, you're eyes do not deceive you; I was wearing the shortest shorts there.  (BYE NORA HAVE FUN IN MINNEAPOLIS JERK(loveyou)!)

It really was a blast; even if my bike kept breaking and I had to watch the fireworks from the manhattan bridge.  STILL AWESOME.
Awwww my Leesiaanna gals moved away (as did Paulie but I'll see him again duh).  Sad to see them go; super solid gang o ladies.

Maybe one day I'll go to the south.  Until then I'll just keep making up handshakes and emailing it to them.
Nichole bought the coolest camera in the world.  It's like a polaroid but takes tiny tiny photos that are delightful.
Have a taste:

A wonderful overview of several nights; here's a bigger taste.

zomg I love Gina; this is us switching photo faces.

hokay I think that's all the tinypics (for now)
I know you're probly pissed cause I don't ever update it and when I do there's way too much stuff to ever be able to handle. GETOVERIT!

Dear Steph, you're awesome.
Dear Kristen, where are all of the cute pictures of us?!?

IIIIIII - Was on a boat:
Made some pillows:

Made some messes:

And traveled what felt like was across the globe:

In the words of Ian Vens; "Seacrest out."
I know there's trouble
my open window
I know there's trouble
my open mind
So will I will I pass the test
How will I finish all the rest
I've already cheated a couple times
On the most
Important questions
So I'll put myself in the place
Where only the smoke can escape
And climb up towards the light
Toward the clean air
On the other side.