I get it.
It's been a while.
Quit your bitchin and just read up.

So I've been busy workin and junk and jazz and crap.
All the time All the time.
Since I switched to knits I've started working a lot more.
Most of my time is spent at work working (obviously). My time spent outside of work is spent mostly with Kristy. I've been outside of the city a few times now, and every time I took the train up north to Kristy's home town of Newburgh. As I read the wikipedia article, the only thing I could notice was the example of "urban blight" next to a picture of a dilapidated building. Turns out it was much better than that and not too scary. Oh and her family is pretty amazing as well.

Lots of crazy stuff all over and I dont have the time or internet speed to update you on everything.
Call me if you have questions gawl darnit!

As I've lost my place into what I've been writing about this whole time (and since I'm 21 days overdue to write a new post) I'll just leave you with a group of pictures that sums up what I've been doing for the last month or so. Right.. Now to the pictures.

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ramonamuse said...

dont nurse baby with man nipple. noted.