I get it.
It's been a while.
Quit your bitchin and just read up.

So I've been busy workin and junk and jazz and crap.
All the time All the time.
Since I switched to knits I've started working a lot more.
Most of my time is spent at work working (obviously). My time spent outside of work is spent mostly with Kristy. I've been outside of the city a few times now, and every time I took the train up north to Kristy's home town of Newburgh. As I read the wikipedia article, the only thing I could notice was the example of "urban blight" next to a picture of a dilapidated building. Turns out it was much better than that and not too scary. Oh and her family is pretty amazing as well.

Lots of crazy stuff all over and I dont have the time or internet speed to update you on everything.
Call me if you have questions gawl darnit!

As I've lost my place into what I've been writing about this whole time (and since I'm 21 days overdue to write a new post) I'll just leave you with a group of pictures that sums up what I've been doing for the last month or so. Right.. Now to the pictures.


Week Four: A Trial In Plausability.

I left you on Saturday night, an exhausting trek into the bowels of Brooklyn.

Sunday: The day of days, a nice lazy lay around for a lonnng day. I made lunch around noon and proceeded to freak out my roommates.

I've never had a stove with a middle burner, and it kind of confuses me as to why it is needed, but thats besides the point; I used it, and I turned it the wrong way to turn it off. It stayed on the lowest setting for a good 6 hours before it was noticed by one of my roomies who proceeded to call me and tell me "you just can't do something like that!"


Stove from a few feet away with the burner on:

I replied with a few things, here's a quick rundown of our conversation:

"Did you use the stove today?"


"Did you leave it on?"

"I don't think so...?"

"Well it was on and that's not ok."

"Really? Shit, I'm sorry, I must have accidentally turned it the wrong way when I went to turn it off"

"This is serious, you can't do something like that!"

"Right, but you have to understand that it was an accident and I would never MEAN to do something like that."

"But it happened and that's not alright!"

"It's true, but I didn't notice and you guys didn't even notice when you were in the kitchen earlier."

"Well we weren't the ones that left the stove on so how were we supposed to know!"

"I get it, is there any way I can fix the situation?"

"You left the stove on and it could have ended really badly!"

"Yes, we have come to that conclusion; now what do you want me to do about it?"

"Forget it, bye!"

I felt really bad about how I had been sassy back to her when I had in fact left the stove on by accident so I called her back about ten minutes later. The same thing ensued even after I assured her that it was an accident and that I felt bad for what I had done and how I had talked to her. More anger, more sass, another quick "Fine Bye."

I really do feel bad about it, but she couldn't seem to grasp that: Yes, I had left a fire on in the apartment, but that I had also left the smallest fire possible in the only place in the apartment that it was okay to have a fire.

Anyways, between all of this, I had dinner with Jonathan and Whitney at a really cool sushi place in between our apartments. The first call had come while we were eating, which is why it had so much sass from my end. The second call was while I was walking home and reflecting with myself on the first call and I felt really bad.

So Sunday was finished with a nice walk home, a wordless entry into the apartment that I had no key to, and sleep.

Mooondayyyy: Work as usual, funfun like always. Katie returned from her trip to our mills in Italy but Brice was still gone from the weekend before. About half way through the day I received this from one of my roommates:

"hey willy.
We have been discussing a few things and are thinking that maybe our living styles are a little too different for a roommate situation. Sometimes people just can't live together:-p We didnt even know if we could live together but I think we knew each other well enough to have a better idea about it. We understand it takes some time to find somewhere else and that is ok. We just think that instead of august first, maybe you could look for something a little sooner. I hope you understand!
mary and emily"

yup. an email.
ohwell, i was kind of in the way anyways as their place was tiny and i didn't have keys.

So when I got off work I just started walking north.

A few good phone conversations with a few good pals later and I found myself in central park for the first time.

After a loooong walk and a little bit of sit n read, I made my way to the subway and went home for the last night in Brooklyn. Packed up everything. Sleep.

I'm fallin behind, but I need sleep and i'm tryin to shorten these up a bit.
soon darlin,

Deep blue sea, darlin on the deep deep blue sea
Deep blue sea, darlin on the deep deep blue sea
It was Mother
She got drowned out in that deep blue sea

Dig his grave, darlin with a silver spade
Dig his grave, darlin with a silver spade
It was brother
He got drowned out in that deep blue sea

Drop him down, darlin with a golden chain
Drop him down, darlin with a golden chain
It was daddy
He got drowned out in that deep blue sea