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Des Moines: Pre-Departure. Completely exhausted.
No sleep + Sayin bye to mom makes JWGM uncomfortable.

Boston is odd. So many accents, so little mind.


Trip to Threadtex (one of our mills) with Brice to discuss the fabrics we wanted made for our summer 09 lightweight shirts. Before we went back we had to stop at the Jcrew store at rockafellerr center to buy 10 plain white button up shirts and as many blue knit ties as we could. They thought we were just crazies who were obsessing over white shirts.

Work is tremendous. Today was our show for the CEO (who wouldn't stop including me as a reference to everything he said) and all of the merchants for the stores that sell our shit. We're opening a men's only store in an old liquor store in Manhattan. It's the first ever menswear exclusive store and its being opened in collaboration with Andy Spade (kate spade and jack spade anyone?) and Anthony Sperduti. Anyways, the show went really well and I was wearing all samples and junk and those two liked my outfit enough that they want me to help open the store. REDONCULOUS. Too bad me and ryry are going to Europe. Well, they have my name, number, and email so we'll see.

Well, I need to go hunt down some food and shit and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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