Alright, after three days of work and no extra time, I will indulge myself (and you) with what I have so farrrr.

Here is the entry from my notebook from when I was flying: (which was horrible, I got to the airport at 5:45 in the morning and didnt get to my apt in brooklyn until 6pm).

ohboy. zone one gets to sit. I'm exhausted. A slightly muffled voice nonchalantly says "ZONE TWO." Little does she know she has effectively commenced the next 7 months of my life.

The woman next to me was great; I should have gotten her email address, ohwell. The 737 to Boston flies at 495 MPH (though when I was on the plane after I wrote this, the little screen in front of me said we were going 594MPH as we had a 160+MPH tailwind), a rediculous figure. Mom didn't cry, Mona and Carissa did, slightly inebriated. "Just don't do any crazy drugs." Mom's departing advice taken well; I had thought about it, but now I wont. She's been spot on for the last 20 years, so I'll use it wisely. Oh yeah, Jube's wedding was last night; a little weird to experience but it was a blast. First take on the east coast: BORING.

First glance at the atlantic would have been much more appreciated had I not felt like shit. That was the most expensive roller coaster ride ever, I could never be a flight attendant. Dreams crushed again. This ride partner wasn't as kind as the woman from DSM; first they sat me between a huge irritable man and a small irritable hippie. Ten minutes later they let me move up to have an aisle seat with the window taken by a slightly insecure, slightly overweight woman who cowered under her jacket and couldn't quite muster up the courage to look out the port hole. It still hasn't quite sunk in where I am or what I'm doing here; we'll see how this goes.
I want you to know
When I look in your eyes"

That was all I wrote, nothing after the ride to New York City as I didn't have adequate time or space. The ride there was odd, it didn't take very long, but I was exhausted after all of the others; especially the one that made my stomach churn. I sat next to a kid around my age headed for ukraine (I saw his passport when he kept checking his tickets) I think he was kind of worried as we didn't really get going on time and we didn't really get in on time either, most people were on their way to somewhere bigger and better so it felt extra good to be done. Oh until I finally got off only to have my bag (along with about 15 other people from my flight) not show up at baggage claim. It took the jerks a good 45 minutes to find em all and I got it but it was just good ol' icing on the cake. Then my first subway ride and Mary and Emily were waiting outside the stop to walk me to our place, which is awesome and tiny and way too hot to ever sleep comfortably.

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