Calf Liver and Chicken Skins

Dear mona, quit bitchin about me not updating this.
anyways, shit here is great, my first weekend in new york has been fun filled and all that good stuff.
Friday: Got off work around 2:30, got a huge iced coffee from my favorite coffee shop called the grey dog and started walking west.

I managed to find some water, finally.
This is chelsea pier. This is a pseudo-graveyard of a dock; the first thing I saw when I got to the end of the road. It was a weird neighborhood, a mixup of super ritzy yachtesque restaurants and things with some tiny art stores and run down buildings in between.

I headed north for a bit and turned inland.

Streetart in new york is only getting better the more I explore and this day was no exception.

This one had me staring for a good five minutes, it was probably 7 feet tall and quite intricate.

This one was huge too; on top of building on the side of another, it reminded me all to much of schmelliot, I hope he reads this (and by that I mean he'd better read this or ill never forgive him).

I walked past a cute little park where a birthday party was happening, as I drooled with jealousy over the copious amounts of pizza they had I noticed the two furry figures in front of me getting ready a little too close to the party.

Generic plain colored monsters are sweet.

I kept walking for another hour or so until I got back to my Manhattan home of Union Square. I usually just sit on the steps and watch people but this time it was too hot to sit in the sun so I found myself a nice little tree to sit against and read under the shade.

One of my favorite parts of a huge city city like new york is that all of the animals are so used to people that they become interested in anything. Since I got here I've developed a method to get squirrels (particularly this gray one in union square). By throwing small objects closer and closer to yourself they become increasingly curious to what you could hold in the end. This squirrel quickly picked up on it to the point where he came up and started hitting my hand because he wanted whatever was inside. I snapped this picture and scared the shit out of him, but I'm sure hes still there waiting for me to return.

I then met up with Ian and we ended up going out to some friends that he met since he got here and had a good time in bed stye.

Saturday came and went as fast as any other day, I went to lunch at the grey dog again where I usually just get coffee but decided that I should sit so I waited for Ian there and colored some naked dude postcards while we both ate and drank things.
We then met up with some Iowa State gals at a shitty little street vendor fair where we found nothing worthwhile.

We all got on the subway and headed for a flea market in the theater district. I got some tie clips and some masonic cufflinks (with matching tie clip((ps its probably against masonic code for these to be out of the hands of a mason so even better.))) Oh and the last thing I got is a gold money clip that has a pocket knife and file built into the side with a horse head sillhouette on the front and below it is engraved "be a good guy". #1 find 08 for sure.

I ended up going home and layin around for a while (it was 95 every day this weekend and its sposed to be 97 tomorrow). Eventually I went over to Jonathan Rhamani's place and we had a few drinks before we hopped on a train into Manhattan to go eat some crazy food.

The place we were goin was closed so we decided to walk to another place ~15 blocks away that he really liked.

We found the devil's workplace on the way.
Seriously, it was bleak and unmarked and looked (as far as I know) exactly as hell would.

We found the place and it was wonderful. We had a bunch of crazy shit, some raw bluefin tuna, some calf liver, some duck, some chicken skin skewers, some rice patties wrapped in seaweed filled with mayo and salmon, and a bunch of random stuff. Needless to say it tired me out (partly because we got there at 1AM) so I went home and passed out. Well, not really passed out as much as rolled around in my own sweat for 12 hours. Horrrrrrrribnbljknsdlfnljsdfiiibbblllleeee.

Today was fun, I just walked around brooklyn for houuuuuurrs. Found a few good things (including the super hero supply store that mom told me about) and bought a bunch of drinks on the way.
Love you all.
Miss you more.


Today is the greatest moment in 3319 history: I found pizzatown.
The myth, the legend; it exists not just in our hearts, but also in brooklyn.

John William Garibaldi Muse.

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Winston said...

that very detailed 7foot tall street art is by a miss named SWOON! and i doooo read it now i do reallyweallyido! Well im typing this me and kitt our in bathroom while he digs his head in to piles of old toiletpaper plasticbags, he obviously misses you as do i & my butt that hasnt been slapped since i stopped seeing you in reallife