Another Week, a Few More Blaergs: Pert Too

Well guys, I'm really sorry. I've been suuuper busy doing everything ever and I'm havin a difficult time finding adequate time to update youuu.

Aaaanyways, I left you all on Tuesday night when I met the arizonians and the darling little lady named Kristy.

Wednesday: Work work work, talked to Anthony about life in New York after I'm done with school; sounds promising. Read in Union Square waitin for Kristy to get off work, it started raining so I read in a bus stop for an hour or so. Walked around to where she works, not far from where I do. We took a small tour of parks near where we were in Manhattan, it was quite a good time. Met up with Scottie the wildcat in SoHo and tried to go to a few bars. I'm a total party pooper and kept gettin kicked outt as I'm still only 20. We ended up just getting some tall boys and hangin out at Kristy's apartment on St. Marks all night. Home at 4:30AM and sleep.

Thursday: Work, lunch with Kristy, Anthony and Jack had me go upstairs and took a few photos of me as I was a candidate for the October Tribeca catalog; I don't think I made it in, but it was still a good time. Laundry, all of it. Sleep.

Friday: oh friday, where do I start. Work as usual. Mailed out all the postcards I had written/colored so far. If you haven't gotten one and would like to receive one, you gotsa give me your address or else they wont come. Andy Devries found me in Union Square, totally crazy. Met up with Ian, went to the spoonbill bookstore with Jamie and her roommate to find a book Ian had lost, met the gang at the Alligator Lounge for a beer and a pizza. Everyone else went to somethin in Manhattan, me and Ian went to McCarren park pool to watch Go Go Bordello, didn't want to buy tickets so: went to a little shop, bought tall boys of colts, and found the perfect seat in a tree outside the pool to watch and drink. It was wonderful to say the least, and we had quite a blast getting a little tipsy in a treetop (don't worry, we weren't that high up in the tree(and didn't drink that many beers)). Started raining when we got back to the subway stop, called Scottie and met up with him in the East Village. Met a pal of his and we went to gayyy barrrssss. Boots and Saddle; best gaybar ever. Gay gay gay fun fun fun. Ian left, Scott, Me, and his pal went up to his place around the corner and hung out for a bit. Got his roommate, went down to a bar around the corner for last call and went back up to their place. Went up to the roof and hung out for a few hours. Beautiful skyline of Manhattan with the sun rising behind it; quite the surreal experience. Home at 7:30 AM; sleep.

Saturday: still quite tired from the prior nights outings, I made my way to Coney Island for the mermaid parade. That shit was caraaazzyyy. Beautiful beautiful floats and outfits, lots of random things mixed in.

Sat on the beach for a while, first steps in the Atlantic.

Kristen from work invited me to a rooftop party in Red Hook. Great time, met lots of great people there, along with a few jerks but who's counting. First ride in a car since moving to New York, crazy guy in a van that knew what he was doing per se. It was fun, and I had a great night.

More soon, I promise. Stuff do do, people to meet, places to go.
Hope all is well,

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what_a_biznatch said...

glad you are having fun!