I know I know, it's been two and a half months... I'M A VERY BUSY PERSON!

People have came and people have gone.
I'm almost done with this crazy adventure and soon enough I'll be back to where things are decently priced and I can go to the grocery store whenever the hell I please.

Mom's here; she leaves tomorrow. 
We just got back from Venice: holy damn that place is amazing.  I wouldn't want to have spent any more time there then we did (just under two days) but the time spent was quite nice.

Again, here's some pictures to tie you over until I have a big enough computer screen to arrange things properly.

New Image










I became obsessed with using camera timers when Mom was here.  We have lots and lots of examples:

Inside Florence Cathedral


On The Bridge of Four Seasons


In the "JJ Cathedral" bar


St Marks cathedral in Venice


The Venetian Guggenheim front porch


Needless to say I'm satisfied.


Art History class has proven to be a hotbed of lyrical inspirations tossed out by our crazy teacher Rolph.  Here's some examples:

"If you'll excuse the way I look astray
You'll find the desire I contract
I see right through this muddy water
I know I want what I can't have

You still place her high up like a god
Her modest feelings held within
The rapture with this classical style
With a few drinks we all fall out of our skin"

"Six billion years of people
With one place to hold them all
The suburbs are sprawling, the parking lots filled
But we're runnin' out of clouds"

"And she whispered
   Forget what you've been taught
   Forget what you've learned
   Allow your mind to be reborn

And I screamed
   Well I forgot it all
   Every single word
   All that I thought I'd ever known

She stole my soul."


Just some little licks that I can't wait to sing with theneverends when I get home.

See you all soon... Very soon.


Listen here europe...

I miss New York.

Well, we made it.
After 15 days and 13 countries, we've made it.

Switzerland - Zurich
France - Paris
Belgium (in transit)
The Netherlands - Amsterdam
Germany - Berlin
Poland - Warsaw
Slovakia (in transit)
Czech Republic - Prague
Austria - Vienna
Hungary - Budapest
Croatia - (in transit)
Slovenia - (in transit)
Italy - Venice, Florence

School starts on monday, I'm taking: Advanced tailoring, Industrial Knitwear, History of Italian Renaissance Art, Batiking, and Screenprinting.



I get it.
It's been a while.
Quit your bitchin and just read up.

So I've been busy workin and junk and jazz and crap.
All the time All the time.
Since I switched to knits I've started working a lot more.
Most of my time is spent at work working (obviously). My time spent outside of work is spent mostly with Kristy. I've been outside of the city a few times now, and every time I took the train up north to Kristy's home town of Newburgh. As I read the wikipedia article, the only thing I could notice was the example of "urban blight" next to a picture of a dilapidated building. Turns out it was much better than that and not too scary. Oh and her family is pretty amazing as well.

Lots of crazy stuff all over and I dont have the time or internet speed to update you on everything.
Call me if you have questions gawl darnit!

As I've lost my place into what I've been writing about this whole time (and since I'm 21 days overdue to write a new post) I'll just leave you with a group of pictures that sums up what I've been doing for the last month or so. Right.. Now to the pictures.